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Specialists in curtains and blinds for commercial premises

Sussex Curtain and Blind Company Ltd have a wealth of experience in providing quality, custom-made curtains and blinds to a whole range of commercial premises. Whether you're a school or a hospital, a hotel or an office-based business, we have the perfect commercial curtains and blinds tailor-made to suit your needs.
No project is too big for our team in Brighton, and we're fully committed to providing fit for purpose commercial curtains and blinds at competitive prices.

Care home with nice curtains

Functionally beneficial and visually appealing curtains and blinds

We specialise in replacing and providing new curtains for care wards in hospitals - both in general and specialist care wards - with a number of individual demands successfully met.
Our wide range of products includes purposely-designed flame retardant and anti-bacterial fabrics.

Treat your guests to a great night's sleep with our fantastic range of functional and aesthetically pleasing curtains and blinds.
You can select from a range of traditional or contemporary designs to match the theme of your interior.

Create the ideal working atmosphere with some new office blinds - we can help to ensure your commercial privacy is respected whilst providing just the right amount of natural light to promote a productive working environment.

Our designers are always on hand to give advice on the most suitable blinds for your premises, to achieve the right balance of commercial privacy and natural light for your staff.


Absolutely fantastic service, very reasonable quote and fast installation of a curtain track! I would definitely recommend, and use this company again :-)


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